Preparing for College

Are AP Exams Necessary for High School Students Taking College Classes?

Question: I am a high school junior who just took a political science class at a local college through a "dual enrollment" program, and I will receive college credit because I earned a B. I am also taking AP Government at my high school. Can I skip the AP exam, since I've already gotten this college credit?

You should definitely take that AP exam. Many colleges do not give you credit for college courses you took before you matriculated. Even if you already know the college you expect to attend (which is unlikely at this point) and that school does give credit for dual-enrollment classes, you can’t predict if you’ll end up transferring somewhere else before you graduate from college. So our advice is to definitely go for the AP exam. Most colleges and universities give credit for scores of 4 or 5 on the AP test; some even give credit for a 3.