AP Econ Vs. Four Years of Foreign Language?


My son wants to take AP Economics instead of AP Spanish senior year because they are offered at same time and he cannot take both. He wants to study political science and economics in college, so he thinks the high school economics class would be more beneficial. He contacted one school's admissions office about this, and they told him they prefer four units of foreign language, but that his counselor should discuss why he made the decision to drop Spanish in the recommendation letter, and that he should also mention on the Common App why he didn't take a fourth year of foreign language. In your opinion, are they really okay with it, or is this response really politely advising against it?

Back when “The Dean" was in high school many moons ago, we usually selected the classes we wanted without considering what the college folks expected. Today, however, students (and their parents) often wake up in the wee hours worrying about making the “wrong" choices, fearful of torpedoing admission odds by selecting a subject that sounds engaging or that meshes with future plans but isn't on the elite colleges' hit parade of imperatives.

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