Anticipating Fall Applications

It's summer. If you are a rising high school senior who will be applying to college this fall, regardless of how you're spending this summer, you're probably thinking about the college process now and then. Maybe you're even obsessing about it. Hopefully, you're doing something about it and being proactive.

Don't let your summer pass by without doing at least something that will contribute to your application process. Take a moment and survey what's going on in your life right now. Are you working a job? If so, good for you. Are you putting any of those earnings toward your future college-related expenses? If so, even more good for you.

Are you traveling overseas? This can be both a learning opportunity or an expensive diversion that might not contribute to your college application success. One positive possibility of foreign travel can be the chance to learn about oneself. Seeing yourself in a new light can lead to any number of excellent essay topics. Don't write about the travel itself, though, that's a very common essay topic that usually brings yawns to admission readers. Instead, write about how you may have discerned something new about yourself as you immersed yourself into completely different circumstances.

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