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America's Most Expensive Dorms

Ever done the math? I haven't. It might make for some fun (or painful) conversation (and decision making). I have always wanted to do a survey of college dorm costs. My plan (which I have yet to execute) would involve surveying a list of colleges, maybe the so-called "Top 25" (or 50) and finding out how many days students can actually reside in their dorm rooms during a standard school year. Yeah, I know that some dorms cost more to live in than others, but I'm just talking ballpark here.

Once I would have my list of school-year days and dorm fees, I would divide the number of days into the dorm fees and find out what the daily room tariff is at that college. Keep in mind that the traditional college dorm houses two students, each of whom are paying a full dose of dorm fees. What makes this even more amazing is that some "suites," where there are two bedrooms flanking a common "living room," have four residents. That's four times the stated dorm fee. Fairly lucrative for the college coffers.

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