Paying for College

Aid Packages as Trojan Horses

The past month or so has been very exciting for college-bound high school seniors. Acceptances have flowed forth via email, the U.S. mail, FedEx, UPS, and perhaps other delivery means. The adrenaline rush from getting into a favored school or, especially, a “dream" school is a memory for a lifetime.

In many cases, along with the “Come on down!" news, a financial aid award statement announces the package of assistance the college is offering admitted students. For those families who are blessed with exceptional incomes and resources, there may not be an aid package, simply because they are considered to be “full pay."

However, the vast majority of incoming students need some level of assistance in meeting today's sky-high college costs. That rush of adrenaline I mentioned can also cloud the eyes of family members, especially those of the newly minted college student.

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