Advice for Applications After Gap Year

Question: I’m a senior in high school about to graduate. I got into almost every school I applied to but there weren’t any that really jumped out at me and in all the stress of indecision I decided to go to community college. I recently realized this isn’t for me and I want to go to a 4 year. I already rejected my acceptances and the decision date has passed. I’m considering just taking a gap year and getting right back into college after working during the year. Would I just reapply for the next year with my high school records? Also what are the chances of getting accepted after taking a gap year since it’s not like I’m deferring the acceptance I already have?

It sounds like you’re making some wise choices. If you’re not excited about any of the colleges that admitted you, it makes sense to take time off from school and consider other options.

When you are ready to apply to colleges, you would do so very much the same way you did the last time around … using your high school GPA, test scores, recommendations, etc.

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