Advice for 12 Grader Starting a New School Mid-Semester

Hi. So I would like to move before the semester of my school ends and continue my schooling in the town that I will be moving to. However I and my family are worried about how if I don’t finish finals here my credits won’t count down there and I won’t be able to graduate on time. Is that true?

This is a question for administrators at both your current high school and your new one. “The Dean”  has no way of knowing which credits you’ve completed and what the graduation requirements are at your current school.

However, making any sort of move in the middle of senior year can be complex, and if you can’t wait until the end of this semester, your situation will be even more so. Is there any way that you can finish at least this semester at your current school, even if it means living with a friend or neighbor for the remaining weeks?

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