Is Adopted Student Considered "First Generation"?

Question: I have a question about what qualifies as first generation. My mom and dad both graduated from college, but I am adopted. My birth father is unknown and my birth mother did not even finish high school. I know this is not this is not how most people look at this situation but adoption has made this a gray area. I personally see myself as a first generation college kid because I will be the first in my biological family to go to college. When you are adopted you don’t have the same family connections. Your biological family and adopted family both affect you medically, legally, socially, and in some cases psychologically. This is why I believe that first generation should include your biological family because my birth mother not finishing school has greatly impacted how hard I have pushed myself in high school and my determination to go to college.

This is a very good question and one that “The Dean” has not answered before. You have touched on an area where the waters can get pretty muddy.

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