How Does Admissions View College Credits Earned in High School?

Question: My daughter's high school offers three ways for students to earn college credits: AP classes, College in the High School classes, and “Running Start." Running Start is very popular as it allows students to take classes on campus at the local community college and receive college credits and even earn an associates degree while they're still in high school. My question is how do the selective colleges view credits earned in a Running Start program versus AP credits or College in the High School credits? For example, assuming she passes the class and the exam, would my daughter be as likely to receive credit at a selective school for her work in an AP biology class as for a Running Start (community college) biology class? I've heard that the community college classes aren't as rigorous as the AP classes which makes me wonder how the better universities view these programs? My daughter is a sophomore and about to enroll for her 11th grade classes and your guidance would be very appreciated. She has her heart set on NYU or Univ of Chicago. Thanks so much!

Of all the convoluted aspects of the college selection and admission process (and let me count the ways!), deciphering credit policies is near the top of the list. Even the college folks themselves often get confused when asked how many credits their registrar awards to entering students, and for what.

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