Admissions Repercussions of Senior Year Move

Question: My daughter, a junior in high school, holds leadership roles in more than 4 clubs at her current school, but we may have to move to another state, how much will that affect her college application?

Switching high schools (and home states) in senior year can be tough on many teenagers who never quite make peace with the decision, although there are definitely those out there who welcome a change … even if their delight is far from immediate. So how your daughter fares overall will depend a lot on which of these camps she falls in. She may find it exciting to explore new surroundings, to make new friends, and to test-drive opportunities she doesn't have where she's living now … or she may spend the year ahead glued to Facebook and Snapchat. But, from a college-admission perspective, there can actually be more pros than cons, especially if your daughter takes advantage of the move, however traumatic it may initially seem.

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