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Admissions Process Not All That Hard

At least that's what the College Board says. You parents and high school seniors may disagree, though. What's the deal here?

One has to look no further than the College Confidential discussion forum to see the myriad complexities college applicants (and their parents) can face during the college admissions process. However, in a recent press release, the College Board touts results from a new study that says it ain't all that hard. This contention intrigued me, so I thought I would share the study results with you here so that you might comment either pro or con.

The introductory text that accompanies the study results states, "In a new quantitative study conducted by the College Board's Task Force on Admissions in the 21st Century, nearly 1,000 parent and student respondents reported that contrary to popularly held beliefs the college application process is not overly complex. In its recently released report, Complexity in College Admission: Fact or Urban Myth, the College Board focuses its attention on how confusing or complicated the college application process is for students applying to college, and parent and student perceptions of the college choice and application process.

Overall, applying to college appears to be a clear and simple process for most students. Researchers found that 53 percent of students who completed a common application form said that it simplified the college admission process. Knowing how admission decisions were made was the most confusing aspect of the college application process. And, the more colleges that students applied to, the more stressful the experience was for them."

Okay. If "applying to college appears to be a clear and simple process for most students," then what's all the angst about? Take a closer look at the full report.

To find out what some others think about this study, check this College Confidential discussion thread and feel free to add to it. As always, though, feel free to post your thoughts here, too.


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