What do admission officers think of a year with no science?

Question: Will it be viewed negatively in the admissions process if my child has one year without a science class due to a scheduling conflict? She has already taken biology and chemistry, and plans to take AP bio, AP chem, and AP physics before graduating.

My own son is a high school sophomore right now, and in the junior-year plan we initially mapped out he was going to skip science, too. (He’d already had Honors chem and bio in grade 9. He took AP chem in 10 and will take AP Physics in 12.) I thought it would be fine to have a science-free 11th grade, because a science didn’t fit into his junior schedule. But the guidance counselor was cranky about the omission and put pressure on us to retool the whole course roster in order to add a science. Because I needed the counselor in my corner to back another anomaly (this one has to do with foreign language at a local college), I backed down, and my son signed up for a one-semester physics course. (It’s not his first choice, but the AP Class is two semesters and wouldn’t work so we humored the counselor.)

Bottom line: I personally think that your plan is absolutely fine, and the colleges will, too. If you don’t butt heads with a persnickety school counselor, you can do as I say and not as I did. 😉

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