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Admission Highlights 2011

By most accounts, this has been a tumultuous year for college admissions, especially at the highest levels. I've written in past posts about the exceedingly competitive applicant pools and crushingly low acceptance rates of the Ivy League and other so-called "elite" colleges and universities. Now that the dust has begun to settle (except in the purgatory known as the Land of Waitlists), some noticeable trends have begun to emerge from this year's college process.

In searching for evidence of those trends, I came across an excellent summary written by college advisor, Cristiana Quinn, reporting in GOLOCALprov. It's good to find a high-level distillation of all that's happening these days in college admissions. One could also scour the College Confidential discussion forum for the molecular-level details, but there's almost too much information there to digest quickly. It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet. There's a real feast of information awaiting readers, but one can quickly get indigestion from data and opinion overload.

Granted, I'm the kind of person, as well as many others I know, who love intricate nuances, but for the sake of readers here, I thought Christina's comments would give a clear and insightful summary. Here are a few excerpts. Read the full article here.

College Admissions: Top Trends from 2011

- Ivy League Gets More Elite

Every Ivy League university got harder to get into this year, as did Stanford and MIT . . .

- Urban Colleges Soar in Popularity

Big city universities continue to surge in popularity. Many students today feel that they will be bored at a suburban or rural college. While that rarely proves true, colleges in major metropolitan areas became more competitive than ever . . .

- International Applications Rise

Another reason for an increase in competition is that international applicants are flocking to the U.S., especially from Asia . . .

- Waiting Lists Lengthy

Colleges have also put a record number of students on waiting lists this year. Many selective schools place thousands of students on the wait list, but accept only a handful. Why? There are many reasons . . .


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