Admission Decision Dates

We’re one third of the way through March. This third month of the year is known for some highly anticipated milestones. First, spring arrives on the 20th. Some Northern Hemisphere areas have already seen springlike temperatures. For most people (except those with significant pollen allergies), the blossoms and fresh air of springtime is something to eagerly anticipate.

Of course, for most of us, Daylight Savings Time deploys in March. That means it’s darker later in the morning and lighter later in the evening. Technically, we’re not “saving” anything, but those extra hours of daylight after dinner are nice for domestic chores and getting away from the TV.

One of the most important March milestones for high school seniors and their families is finding out about college applications. Decision Day is spread across the month, depending on the college and decisions can arrive in the form of multiple media — by email, snail mail, or both.

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