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Admission Advice for Home-Schooled Student with No SAT Scores

Question: College is a dream for me. But, I was homeschooled through high school and my parents decided not to let me take the SAT or ACT tests. Our family income is under 25,000 a year. Nothing has been saved for my college tuition. I took a "gap year" for personal health reasons, but it is now almost June. Is (non-community) college a completely hopeless dream for me?

Although there is a growing list of test-optional colleges, the fact that you didn't take the SAT or ACT will be a huge liability. Because you are a home-schooled student who requires significant financial aid, colleges will be looking for some objective measure of your academic strength. Without either official school grades or standardized test scores, many colleges will not want to take a risk on you ... especially if you need a lot of money from them to enroll. (Did you take any Advanced Placement exams? It would help a lot if you did. This would give colleges some way to compare you with other candidates.)

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