Are the ACT and SAT Viewed Equally?

Question: My daughter is preparing for college by studying for the ACT. Do top schools like the Ivy League or Stanford prefer the SAT over the ACT? Even though the school might say either one is OK, in your opinion does one or the other have more advantage?

Back when “The Dean” applied to college, the SAT was the top-dog test, especially at the “elite” Eastern colleges. The ACT, which was then more common in the South, West, and Midwest, was seen by some as a poor relation. But that was many moons ago (as my teenaged son is quick to remind me). And, today, both tests are viewed–and accepted–equally.

And, lest you worry that “The Dean” is receiving a kick-back from the ACT folks for saying this, I assure you that I’m not. In fact, my aforementioned son took ONLY the ACT and not the SAT. (Well, he did take a couple SAT Subject Tests, which I’ll get to in a minute.)

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