ACT Re-Take for Community College Transfer?

Question: I just finished my second semester at Lansing Community College, and I'm hoping to transfer to the University of Michigan next fall. I currently have an unweighted GPA of 3.91, but my high school ACT score was a 23. The University of Michigan requires transfer students to send in their ACT/SAT scores, so will my ACT score affect my chances of being accepted or will it not matter because I'm already in college? Should I retake the ACT?

Nice work on that community college GPA. You rocked it!

U. of Michigan does ask for SAT/ACT scores from students who took the test in high school but tells those who didn't that they don't have to take the test now and send scores. Similarly, you definitely should NOT re-take the ACT. The Michigan admission folks will probably glance at your high school ACT score to get a vague sense of how you were performing back then ... and how far you've come. But your college course selection and GPA are what will play a starring role in your decision. You would also be wise—if you haven't done so already—to speak to the transfer counselor at Lansing CC to make sure you've done everything else you're supposed to do to ensure your acceptance at Michigan.

In addition, if there is information you want to share with the Michigan admission officials that you think will help put your ACT score in perspective, feel free to send in an unsolicited letter. For instance, if you weren't a focused student in high school—perhaps due to family problems or lack of encouragement at home or because of the crowd you hung out with—you could write a letter explaining how your circumstances—or perspective—have changed.

But this letter isn't really necessary, unless you feel compelled to write it. Your community college record should speak for itself. Best of luck to you and congrats on your fine record.