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ACT Fee Waiver for Older Applicant?

Hi Dean, I've been out of school for 5 years and I'm planning to reapply for college but I just found out my ACT scores aren't any good anymore so I need to retake the test but I'm broke so I don't really have the money for the test fees so I was wondering if you might know if there was a cheaper test that colleges would accept or if I'd be eligible for some kind of fee waiver.

“The Dean" does not have great news, but perhaps there are some positives that you can extract from this. The ACT folks will only grant fee waivers to high school students and there isn't a cheaper test to replace it. BUT … if you contact the colleges that interest you, they may be willing to waive testing requirements for non-traditional students or even to allow you to submit your old ACT score although it's “expired."

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