What to Do When Low ACT Score Was Sent to Colleges By Mistake


In reviewing the application statuses of the colleges where my daughter applied, we saw that several of them were already in receipt of her score from the first and only ACT she took back in February. She apparently selected to have the four free scores sent to some of her target colleges. Her ACT composite score was a 23 and we hadn't planned to send that score to any schools. Her SAT score was much better: 1350. Will the schools go with the SAT, or will the low ACT score count against her? We're wondering if she should sit for the ACT again in December to try to increase that score, in the event that she gets deferred from some schools and has an opportunity to submit additional information. Her target schools are several of our state public universities. I signed her up for the ACT in an abundance of caution, but she would prefer to focus on her dual enrollment courses and is obviously better suited for the SAT.

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