Accepted A Job But Changed My Mind -- How Do I Decline Now?

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As thrilled as you may initially be to receive and accept a job or an internship offer, sometimes, circumstances may prompt you to change your mind. The situation is not ideal, and it's vital that you approach it carefully and professionally. Simply emailing or texting HR to tell them you no longer want the position -- or even worse, failing to follow up altogether -- is a risk you don't want to take. The unfortunate increase in cases of ghosting employers reveals lack of respect and trust, and is often the result of inexperience.

Reasons to renege on an offer include family emergencies, multiple offers and a realization that you will not fully enjoy and contribute to the new role. In all of the above cases, you want to make sure you handle the situation appropriately. Keep in mind that if you have accepted an offer and signed a contract, there may be legal consequences for going back on the offer. Be sure to carefully review the conditions of your contract before announcing your decision. If you have not signed a contract, here are four points to keep in mind if you're considering changing your mind about a job offer.

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