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A Parent's Role in College Admissions

Like many issues today in our hyper-kinetic, uptight world, the process of college admissions can be a huge pile of anxiety for both applicants and their parents. The applicant is up tight about finding the right college and getting in. Parents are worried not only about their son or daughter finding the right school and his/her getting in but also about how to pay the astronomical price most schools require. It's a bittersweet, love-hate experience that can cause friction within a family and many sleepless nights and stress-ridden days for the poor high school senior.

So, what should a parent's role be during this onerous process? I can speak from experience, since I was the father during my daughter's and son's college admissions cycles. Of course, I had a distinct advantage over many fathers out there. I am a professional independent college admissions counselor. Obviously, I knew how to handle the complexities of the regimen and was able to take a lot of pressure off my kids as they executed their various application steps. If they had a question, ol' Dad was just in the other room. However, those of you parents reading this are probably not admission counselors, so you're wondering what you should be doing and how you should be thinking about all this.

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