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85 GPA for Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education?

Question: Is a 3.0 (85) average too low for the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education?

An 85 is the minimum GPA (for the first three years of high school) that Sophie Davis will consider. So if you achieved an 85, you will not be out of the running. However, many of your "competitor" applicants will have much higher grades, so the admission committee will be looking carefully at your application to see where your other strengths lie. In addition to your grades and test scores, the committee will also consider related circumstances ... e.g., Did you take the most rigorous classes offered? (a plus) Did your academic record rise in your junior year (another plus) or were your strongest grades in 9th and 10th? (a minus) How challenging is your high school in general? Were there family or personal circumstances that affected your academic performance? How have you demonstrated your commitment to a future in medicine?

The latter is extremely important at Sophie Davis since you will be jumping onto a direct track to a medical career, and this is not a place for the undecided or faint of heart! The admission folks will be seeking signs of your dedication to life as a doctor and your enthusiasm for working in underserved communities once you earn your M.D.