6 Questions With A Student Attending College on Scholarships


Do you think going to college entirely on scholarships is impossible? Well, Alanna Wall, from Dayton, Ohio, proves that it's quite possible. Wall will be attending the University of Southern California in January 2019 and plans to major in international business. She received several scholarships and grants — enough that she will pay for her education with them entirely.

College Confidential interviewed Wall to find out how she fulfilled her dream of going to college using scholarships to pay for her education. Here is what she had to say:

College Confidential: Which scholarships did you receive?

Alanna Wall: I got several scholarships, and some with the biggest impact were definitely the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship and the AXA Achievement National Scholarship. I am also a QuestBridge Scholar and I won many local scholarships, including the BBB Student of Integrity Award and the Rumpke Foundation Scholarship. The University of Southern California was also very generous with the University Grant.

CC: How did you obtain these scholarships?

AW: I applied for many of the scholarships very early and prepared before my senior year. I logged deadlines and requirements so that when they came up, I was well prepared.

CC: Can you describe the scholarship application process?

AW: The application process is grueling but can be so worth it. And having paperwork well organized really helps like recommendations, transcripts and financial paperwork that you can access.

CC: What are your future career goals?

AW: I run the national nonprofit organization, Polished Girlz, and I would love to grow that organization as large as the Girl Scouts.

CC: How will a full scholarship impact your life?

AW: Wow, it really takes a lot of pressure off of me traveling so far for school. I can concentrate on my studies and keeping up with my workload without causing additional strain on my parents.

CC: What is your advice for other students who want to go after full or partial scholarships for college?

AW: I would definitely tell students to start early and that they won’t get everything. Don’t let that deter you from applying for everything that applies to you — both small and large. I also started a program called The College Rich Tour to help give seminars and private consultations for parents and students so that they know all of the ins and outs.