5 Careers You Can Pursue with an Art Degree

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“Every child is an artist," Pablo Picasso once said about art. “The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Art enthusiasts don't have it easy. Engaging in this pastime is a perfectly acceptable activity ... until you enter middle school, and you inevitably face the advice to seek practical and meaningful pursuits that may lead to rewarding careers. As you prepare for college, announcing your interest in studying this field may even be a cause for intervention as your family worries about your ability to pick what's good for you. The myth of the starving artist, however, has been busted, and as the Strategic Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) indicates, “ninety-two percent of arts alumni who wish to work currently are." Even more important, “of those who currently only work outside the arts, 54 percent said their arts training is relevant to the job in which they spend the majority of their time." The findings reveal that arts education contributes to professional development whether the person chooses to pursue a career in the arts or not.

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