5 Benefits of Keeping a Career Journal


Managing a university career blog has taught me that while there is no shortage of inspiring accomplishments and experiences, getting students to share insights about these in a post can be quite a challenge. Writing scares many, and in an academic environment, it's often viewed as simply one of many tasks to be completed in order to secure a high grade. If you believe that writing is an assignment, not an activity to help you gain valuable knowledge, I'm here to tell you that you couldn't be more wrong.

“Having excellent writing skills can make you an indispensable member of your team or company," writes Greta Solomon, a Forbes contributor. “And it's one of the best ways to remain consistently employable -- no matter your profession." In addition, writing thoughts down improves memorization and reinforces learning. No matter what stage of the career development process you are in -- exploration, industry research, networking, applications or interviews -- a journal can help you reflect on your experiences and learn how to move forward. Plus, it's helpful to have all the above information in one place you can easily access if needed.

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