5.1% Acceptance Rate: How High The Climb?

Did you apply to Stanford University this year? Were you accepted? If so, overall, you were more fortunate than 95 other applicants in any group of 100 Stanford applicants. Three years ago I wrote about the emergence of the single-digit acceptance rate in my article Ivy League: The Year of Single-Digit Acceptance Rates. This year, six of the eight Ivies were in single digits. As Peter Jacobs notes:

Princeton admitted 7.28% of applicants, down slightly from 7.29% in 2013, and accepted 1,939 students out of 26,641 applicants

The University of Pennsylvania admitted 9.9% of applicants to the Class of 2018, down from 12.1% last year. The Philadelphia-based university accepted 3,551 of their 35,788 applicants.

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