3 Ways to Save Money by Transferring


Here's a nightmare scenario that, sadly, afflicts a few students each year. Say that you get into your first-choice college and choose to attend, even though it doesn't offer you enough financial aid. After two years, you've run out of money, and the banks won't lend you what you'll need to finish your education. As a result, you end up transferring to a public university, resulting in a state school diploma that cost well over a private school price. That's an extreme case, but even if you complete all four years at the private school, you may find yourself with outsized debt, one of the major worries students have.

So what if you do it the other way around? You can start out at a public school, paying lower prices, all while working toward transferring to a private college later on. It's a route not nearly enough students consider, but it's one that offers a multitude of benefits in the long run. Here are three ways that transferring in later can save money — and stress — regardless of what your dream schools may be.

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