3 Ways to Master Your Calculator on the SAT


You probably already know the SAT throws two Math sections your way: Calculator and No Calculator. However, each of these can be unnecessarily complicated just based on the expectations they're setting up with those names. Just because you're allowed to use your calculator doesn't mean you'll need it for every Calculator problem, nor does it mean that it'll be the fastest route to an answer. On the flip side, it's rare that you'll find a problem on the No Calculator section that doesn't require you to calculate at least something.

The most common danger of having a calculator for the SAT is the temptation to use it when it just won't help. A calculator does only what you tell it to do โ€” it doesn't tell you how to solve a problem. It might, in fact, even cause you to miss a problem if relied on too heavily. But if you practice and use a little caution, you'll find your device can help you a great deal.

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