3 Students Who Didn’t Break 20 on the ACT Share Their College Acceptances


If you applied to college this year, the ACT and SAT journey is already well behind you, but you may still be waiting on a few more acceptance letters. If you're a junior and you've been stressing about getting your scores up, there's still plenty of time for test prep and retakes, so there's no reason to worry about your scores being final just yet.

But for those students who can't seem to get their ACT scores up to the average of 21– or higher than that – there is probably some extra anxiety. In many cases, a score below 20 can prevent you from applying to some of your dream schools, but that doesn't mean college is necessarily out of the question for you. If you're ready for college in every other way but your ACT score doesn't seem to be catching up, don't lose hope.

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