3 Questions You'll Be Asked At An Interview, And How to Answer Them


College students typically understand the value of spending time and effort on their application documents, but many have a hard time realizing the importance of spending even more time preparing for interviews. Why prepare for interviews when you haven't yet been invited to one, right? Well, not quite. Preparing for interviews begins the moment you start job searching: As you polish your resume, get ready to speak about each item in your document; as you draft your cover letter, think about the most important stories to share with interviewers; as you research target employers, pay attention to their values and mission and consider the alignment with yours so you'll be prepared for the inevitable interview questions.

Keep in mind that resumes, cover letters and even referrals don't get you the job; their purpose is to get you an interview, and what happens in that interview determines whether or not you move forward in the application process. In addition to practicing your “tell me about yourself" and IMPACT stories, you may also want to prepare for the following three questions you are sure to be asked in an interview.

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