A 10-Point College Critique

I've been working with high school seniors since the late Eighties, helping them with their college admissions challenges. It's been stimulating work for me and I've met a lot of wonderful young people who have gone on to accomplish amazing things in their young lives. Their hard work and talent came into focus during their college years and they even learned about potentials within themselves that had previously gone unnoticed. Their college experiences revealed hidden resources.

Today, our consumer-minded society has started to increase scrutiny of higher education institutions for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most significant reason is student debt. Right now, statisticians tell us that the average student loan debt for college graduates is $29,000. That's a figure to be reckoned with. Depending on one's monthly payback level, a debt of this magnitude could take a quarter century or longer to pay off. That's a frightening reality that students should consider when making an enrollment decision. The question should be, “What price education?"

There is an enlightening thread on the College Confidential discussion forum entitled A Company Working Hard To Make Sure Your Student Loans Stay With You Until You Die, where posters have issued their thoughts and feelings about college-cost-related student debt. Check that out if you would like to see a broad range of perspectives about student loan debt, paying it back, and the perils of bankruptcy.

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